Grand Teton National Park: 5 Things You Must Do

April 2, 2017

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If you’re in the Jackson Hole area, you absolutely must go into the Grand Teton National Park.  Our family trip here included some awesome hiking, amazing views and taking in the great outdoors.  This was part of our Yellowstone trip extravaganza we took last summer.

Our kids got to really hike for the first time, being that we live in a desert there’s not much hiking around our part of the world.

We also saw some fantastic wildlife.  A momma moose and her calf were drinking out of a lake at the entrance of the park!  We kept our distance, but was incredible to see.  *Do me a favor-when you go on a trip like this, don’t just take your iPhone to take pics like I did.  What a dumb thing I did not taking my good camera!  I got some great pics but they could have been tons better with a telephoto lens.  That moose was so close, but the picture was terrible.

5 things you must do at grand teton national park

When you enter any national park, ask the park ranger at the entrance for a map.  It shows you where all the good stuff is, such as hiking trails and ranger stations. Plus, you usually cannot get service, so you can’t always rely on your iPhone.  They also give you a newsletter of the latest happenings, such as what the wildlife are currently up to and any trail closures.

So, here are the must do’s at Grand Teton National Park:

1. Hike Jenny Lake

Check out your map for boat ramp entrance to Jenny Lake.  You ride a boat across the lake to the beginning of the trail.  There’s lots of signs to, so you can follow them also.

This an easy 1.5 mile hike to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point.  You walk across a bridge at one point over the falls and then the peak is Inspiration Point.  Needless to say, it’s gorgeous.  Pay attention to the signs though.  Our hike was longer than it should have been since we took a wrong turn.

5 must do in grand teton national park


Here’s Inspiration Point

5 Must Do in Grand Teton National Park

2.  Participate in the Junior Ranger Program

If you have younger kids, they’ll love this.  You start first thing in the morning and the kids receive a patch or pin as they complete something.  Sign up at the Ranger Station.

3.  Eat lunch at Jackson Lake Lodge

After we ate lunch we decided to walk outside and I snapped this picture.  This picture captured how beautiful this place was.  It was breathtaking.

5 things you must do at grand teton national park

4.  Take a picture at Mormon Row

Photographers from around the world come to take a photo of this iconic place.

5 things you must do at grand teton national park

5.  Go to the Snake River Overlook

Another iconic site.  This was one we missed.  But, when we go back, which we will, we’ll definitely make a point to go here!  This area was made famous by Ansel Adams.

5 Must Do's at Grand Teton National Park

I hope you add Grand Teton National Park to your vacation to-do’s.  It’s gorgeous!


Get more information about the Grand Tetons below.


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5 things to do in Grand Teton National Park

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