Best Articles in Health this Week August 5

August 5, 2017

latest articles in health this week

The best articles in health this week ranging from the informative to the ridiculous.  I find much of it entertaining, like what the queen eats on a daily basis.  She is 91 after all.

Here’s a little informative…

10 Tasty Snacks Under 200 Calories

Some of these were surprising to me.  A bagel?   I remember a summer where I put on 10 pounds eating bagels so I’m a little skittish about those things.  They do give you energy, though.

I’m all in with the sushi!  Although, it’s not shocking that we’ve managed as americans to find a way to make a fattening version. Such as a crunchy shrimp tempura roll.

What the Queen Eats and Drinks

This was one of my favorites this week!  4 drinks a day!  Reminds me of my grandmother who passed away at 98 eating a daily Egg McMuffin and pretty much snacked on chocolate all day.  It’s just proof that being overly strict about our diets does not necessarily measure up to a longer life.  After all, the queen doesn’t have to drive anywhere.  Why not!

The Isolation of Caregiving

When someone is terminally ill or suffers from a debilitating disease such as Alzheimers, the caregivers often get ignored.  I watched my mom for years take care of my dad who had Lewy Body Dementia (a form of Parkinson’s).  It is extremely lonely and isolating. Not to mention emotionally draining watching your loved one suffer.   I say if you know someone going through this, help the caregiver as much as you can!

Adult Onset Food Allergies?

This isn’t really something we can control.  But, I found it interesting.  Anaphylaxis is a scary thing.  My sister was just fine until her 30’s when she all of a sudden developed this after her second pregnancy.  It’s amazing what crazy things pregnancy can do to our bodies.

Happy weekend!


For more information about Lewy Body Dementia.

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