Bringing Sanity to Your Closet

February 10, 2017

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When my husband and I decided to gut our bathroom and master closet, I came to realize that I wasn’t going to have the ginormous closet that I wanted.  Because, apparently to do that, we needed to move exterior walls.  Welp, I wasn’t going to do that!  So, after we were finished with our renovation, I had a realization.  Why did I need a giant closet?  Am I really going to wear all of these clothes?  Clothes that I haven’t touched in a year??

I’ve always gone through my closet once a year and made a Goodwill pile.  But, there have always been those clothes I would hold onto with an iron grip.  Really for no reason.

So, about a year ago I heard about Marie Kondo.  For those of you who don’t know, she’s an organizing expert.  I purchased her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:  The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. She inspired me in so many ways.  I went through all of my clothes, if I absolutely did not love that shirt, it was going in the pile.  Because, you know what?  It will bring more joy to someone else than it will to me. She also teaches you how to organize by material, light to heavy and by color, light to dark.  Like this….

I have my husbands jeans, first light to dark, then trousers–the same….

Here’s my side, 

I’ve got tanks, then short sleeve, then long. Light to dark.  Nothing is smushed together and I can easily see what I want.  (Also, please please please get rid of the wire hangers!  They ruin your clothes.)

But, here’s my favorite part…the folding.  The concept seems so simple, I don’t know why everybody hasn’t been doing this.  Everything is filed in your drawers like a file cabinet.  You pluck your shirt or pants without rifling through your drawer and turning it into a tossed salad!  Here’s my workout shirt drawer!

Workout shirts are pretty flimsy, but they still stand up!

Here’s a video on how it’s done.   It takes some practice, but it’s so worth it.  We do this with all of our clothes in drawers, t-shirts are the easiest.  Long-sleeved takes practice!

…and workout pants.

Watch this one for folding pants!

So, here’s something I’ve learned.  Organizing takes a little work on the front end.  But, it makes your life so much easier and saves time in the end!  Every time I walk into my closet, rather than feel overwhelmed, I feel peace.



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