Has Wellness Become an Epidemic?

June 29, 2017

Every week I read many articles regarding health and wellness.  They range from the interesting to the intriguing to the downright ridiculous.  I would love to share with you a few I’ve read this week.

Has wellness become an epidemic?

As someone who has followed Goop for the last few years, I’ve read my fair share of articles that make me shake my head.  But, I am curious.  Many of these articles are an exploration into the future of wellness.  In fact, I find many recipes and health advice an inspiration.  But, there are a few, such as the $66 Jade egg, that makes me question a bit. But, I keep reading….

Really the question regarding this article from The Cut is… has the quest for wellness gone too far.  Read and see for yourself.


Body image and Instagram

Oh Instagram!  People are obsessed.  For me, it’s just a great place to share photos of the kids or funny situations with friends and family, but for others it’s about affirmation.  They post pics of themselves to show off and get “likes”.   I can see how it was recently deemed the “worst site for your mental health”.


Yoga for back pain?

In a country where the opioid use has become an epidemic, it’s more important than ever for people with chronic pain to figure out healthy ways to reduce pain without the use of prescription drugs.   I wonder how the addiction numbers would change, if only we could guide more people to yoga classes.


Fresh vs. frozen

I’ve always been under the assumption that fresh fruit is miles better than frozen.  I guess I was miles off on that point.  I’ll still aim for fresh because it tastes better.


Vitamin supplements to enhance memory.  Is it bunk?

I’ve always been a little skeptical when it comes to certain “cure-all” vitamins and supplements.  I admire the trend to go for natural treatments first over pharmaceutical.  But, the vitamin manufacturers and some doctors that sell vitamins are getting just as bad as the pharmaceutical companies!  I love the part in this article where they say you’re just getting “expensive pee”!

Yes, this is a MensHealth article.  I don’t discriminate.



All in all, as we read articles about wellness, it is definitely a good thing to have some skepticism and not to believe everything we read.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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