Health News This Week September 7

September 7, 2017

health news this week september 7

Fiber and Colorectal Cancer

With low carb diets the thing right now, we have a problem.  People aren’t eating enough fiber.  Studies have now come out that fiber equals healthier colon and also decreases your chances of colorectal cancer.  Be wise with your low carb lifestyle and please try to get in your fiber.


health news this week september 7

What Can Happen When There’s a Shortage of Specialty Doctors

So, living in far west Texas 5 hours from any large city, sometimes we get slim pickings.  One of them is a shortage of doctors.  There’s lots of waitlists around here.  But, one issue in many places is a shortage of dermatologists. Here’s a story of how that can be detrimental.


health news this week september 7

Low-Carb vs. Low Fat

After lecturing about fiber, if you’re not confused enough a study has come out that a low carb diet may be better than low fat.   I’m a believer in that for sure.  The only time in my life I put on a bunch of weight was during the bagel boom.  More info on which is better and why, read the story below by Dr. Axe and the research he has!


Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet vs. Low-Fat Diet: Which Helps You Live Longer?

health news this week september 7

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