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March 7, 2017

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Do you ever feel like you’re being swallowed up in phone and iPad cords.  You have stuff plugged in all over the house?

This was driving me crazy because I don’t like a lot of clutter on counters.  Our phones, iPads, FitBits, Mophies you name it was taking up half a counter in our kitchen.

I tried having everything charging in our office. But lets face it, the kitchen was our dumping ground and where we spend so much time.

There’s another reason, I don’t want our kids to grow into teenagers having access to their phones at night.  That’s my goal anyway.  We’ll see if it sticks.

So, we came up with a charging drawer in the kitchen.

I located a drawer on the side of the kitchen we don’t cook on, but can get to easily and did our quick little organizing project.  So, here’s how you do it.

Get a power strip and glue it to the back of a drawer.  Drill a hole in the back of your nice drawer (cringe) and run the power strip cord through the back. If you don’t have an outlet behind the drawer you might need to call an electrician and have one put in.  It doesn’t cost too much, but it’s a must.

Plug in your power strip and you’re ready!

But…. we went a step further and made the cords inside the drawer a bit more organized, so they don’t get all tangled up in there (another cringe).  That especially bugs my husband who always travels with his cords nice and coiled.

So, keep going with this next part and it will look even neater in the drawer.

Take each cord and wrap them around your fingers to a shorter length…

Put on a twist tie to secure.  Just grab from a loaf of bread.

Then, take a zip tie and secure.

Trim the zip tie and take off that ugly bread twisty.

Ahhh. Nice and neat.  We can all sleep at night.

Now, close the drawer and forget about it.


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Hide Your Charging Station

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