How Often to Clean Your Fridge

March 30, 2017

how often to clean your fridge

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How often should we clean our fridge?  I’m sorry to say we don’t clean ours enough.  We try to eat leftovers, but really they get pushed to the back of the fridge and we find them all nasty a couple of weeks later!

Well, I’m determined to have a cleaner/more organized fridge.  If anything, my kids will be able to find the yogurt and eat that rather than something they shouldn’t eat.  When they say they’re hungry, I can point to the fridge, which has our healthiest snacks I feel like.

We make sure our kitchens and bathrooms are spotless because it’s just gross if we don’t.  But, somehow the fridge gets a little spill or a jar has a sticky bottom and it sits there.  Yuck!  Maybe we’re the only household that has this problem, and if so, I guess it’s just our problem I need to get a handle on.

We’re in and out of the fridge so much, it takes a beating.  Cooking.  Kids with sticky hands. Those same sticky hands grabbing the milk and spilling it in the process.  I could go on.  It really can become an unsanitary place real fast!

So, here’s the nitty gritty.


Wipe up any spills.  This goes without saying, but before they have a chance to dry, take a wet towel and wipe them up.


Throw out any old food and uneaten leftovers.  Don’t forget to check your produce and lunchmeat!


Take everything out of fridge and use a 1/2 & 1/2 vinegar and water mixture to wipe everything down.  I keep mine in a spray bottle.

How Often to Clean Your Fridge

how often should clean fridge


It’s best to turn off the power at your circuit breaker before you get going on this one.

More importantly (than electrocuting yourself), clean your fridge before you shower.  It’s a dirty job.

Take out all drawers and shelves and soak in a hot soapy water.  Rinse well, you don’t want a soap residue tainting your produce.

Spray all surfaces of your fridge with your vinegar mixture. Your doors, the back, basically all of the interior and wipe down well.

Looks funny with everything pulled out!  But, the backs of the shelves needed a good soak, the rubber can even get sticky back there.

how often should we clean fridge

Once I put everything back in.  It starts off organized and I try really hard to keep it that way.  But, with kids you’re trying to teach to become self-sufficient, it doesn’t stay perfect.


how often to clean fridge

So, I hope this exciting post about cleaning the fridge will give a little guidance on how to clean yours and how often.  Something we don’t talk about that much.

It feels good to have a clean fridge that’s not overstuffed and filled with healthy foods we can see at a glance.



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how often to clean fridge


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