Latest Health News-August 17

August 17, 2017

latest health articles

The latest health related news from the informative to the ridiculous!

Transition from kid to teenager

Having a son this age, I read this article twice. Such a tricky age I swear!

Alcohol and weight gain

Maybe this will sway college kids away from binge drinking! It may feel like a right of passage at the time, but what kid doesn’t know it’s bad for you!

How about the fact that it makes you gain weight. That might work. Maybe.

latest health articles august 17

What lack of sleep does to our kids

Between late night swim practice and back to back activities it’s no wonder our kids are lacking sleep. I think we all need to scale back though. Health comes first.

What can we do about thinning hair as we age?

If you’re reaching an age where you’re finding more hair in the drain. There’s some good options… and some bad ones for fixing this. Don’t fall for the bad ones.

I hope I can help you keep up with the latest info in health related news!



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