Organize your Accessories

April 18, 2017

organize your accessories

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When we remodeled our closet, one thing high up on my list was a built-in place for jewelry and accessories.  I don’t know how many hours of my life I’ve wasted digging through my jewelry box trying to find that necklace only to find it all tangled.  I’d throw it in my pocket and untangle it at a stoplight and if I was lucky I’d get it on my neck.

I’ve bought the cool necklace trees, but I kinda had too many necklaces for that.  Before I knew it I went from one tree to a forest.  Cluttering up my countertops.  So, here’s our solution!

Organize Accessories

As you can see, they’re on the inside of cabinet doors.

Those silver knobs the necklaces hang from are drawer pulls!  I ran to Lowe’s and found some that had a notch on top to hold the necklace.  Super Easy!  The second thing we did was have a guy who specialized in adding felt to built-ins–for things like silver drawers, jewelry, etc.  He found a silver fabric that matched our palette that was perfect.  It helps protect the necklaces from banging into the wood.

organize your accessories

Of course we all need a place for rings, earrings, bracelets and chokers.  We did the built-in thing for a drawer and so I can eyeball everything quickly.

organize your accessories

We all have our sunglasses, cases, belts and odds and ends.  I needed a place in my closet for that.  No more over-the door hanger.  This area makes me happy!

organize your accessories

accessories organization

The inside of the cabinet is lined with tons of shallow shelves that are perfect for sunglasses, belts and odds and ends.  I used the top shelf as a display area for some costume jewelry of my grandmothers.  We had the back of it lined with felt just for looks.  I like the end result!

Happy organizing!




Organize your Accessories

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