Stuff the turkey… not yourself over the holidays | tips to keep from gaining weight

November 15, 2017

tips to keep from gaining weight over the holidays

Oh the holidays.  Part of the joy is the food.  You should be able to partake without suffering from it later.  So, let’s chat about tips to keep from gaining weight over the next few weeks.

Tips to Keep from Gaining Weight over the Holidays


Thanksgiving is about food, family and gratefulness.  Don’t skip the food part.  Enjoy it!   Even if you’re trying to lose weight.  Give yourself this day and don’t feel bad about it.  It’s. Just. One. Day.

tips to keep from gaining weight

  1. Drink too much champagne before eating.  Have one drink and save the rest for during and after dinner.  You’ll enjoy (and remember) the food better, while not stuffing yourself too much.

2. Keep eating on the leftovers after Thanksgiving Day.  Keep the turkey, maybe a healthy side salad.  That’s it.  Give the rest away.

3.  Partake in EVERY thanksgiving lunch that rolls around before Thanksgiving Day.  That big lunch at the school or the office or your husband’s office.  Before you know it, you’ve had 4 thanksgiving lunches.  Those in combo will do you in.

1. Enjoy all the fantastic food on Thanksgiving.
2. Get seconds on your favorites.
3. Have dessert.  If you’re too full after the main meal, then wait a couple of hours.
4. Have one more round at dinnertime with all the leftovers you want.


Christmas and all the days leading up to

Christmas and stress go hand in hand.  Don’t stress eat please.  Between all the parties, candy gifts and homemade sweet rolls, you’ll get not-so-sweet rolls in the belly.  Here’s some tips.

tips to keep from gaining weight over the holidays


1.  Eat all the candy, treats and goodies you get from family and friends.  Appreciate what you get along with how thoughtful they were, try some and then toss the rest.

2.  Drink your usual nightly glass of red wine.  You’ll be having plenty at parties.

3.  Don’t go out to eat as much as you usually would during the non-holidays.

4.  Overexercise.  You’ll become too hungry and eat more.  With such high calorie foods around, there’s no way to burn all that stuff off with exercise.

  1. Go to a party and enjoy all the fabulous food and drinks.

2. Enjoy the eggnog and all the lovely food at Christmas dinner.

3. When not celebrating, eat healthier than usual.  Try to eat at home whenever possible.

4. Keep up your exercise routine.

New Years

tips to keep from gaining weight over the holidays

  1.  Have fun and be responsible.

2. Go back to your regular healthy lifestyle after the holidays

Finally,  don’t stress too much about weight gain over the holidays.  But, if you are worried about it, just follow the tips above and you’ll be good ;).



tips to keep from gaining weight over the holidays


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