Hey there!  Thank you for checking out my blog!  I launched Purely Easy to teach you easier ways to live a healthy life.  I provide easy clean recipes, what foods really help and what is just a fad… as well as organization and travel tips to enrich your life!

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t have to be difficult.  It doesn’t have to be time consuming or taste bad.  We shouldn’t obsess over being thin or perfect.  Just healthy.

What I’ve learned…

We have such a big wonderful world out there, with amazing food, fantastic people and beautiful places.  Life is as difficult as we make it.  It seems that in recent years, we have made it way too complicated for ourselves.  We’re surrounded by over-achievers. Insecurity. Negativity.  Perfection.  As I’m approaching 40, I’m learning how to block all of that stuff out.  I just wish I learned how to do that earlier in my life.


We also shouldn’t be afraid to try new flavors, explore fruits and vegetables we may have not heard of, but have been natural remedies for generations in some cultures.  Instead of reaching for unnatural pain medicine, why not try a natural cure first?  Our bodies will give out one day and it is up to us what we put in there.  It can be healing or it can be toxic.

I believe in being healthy, not skinny.  There have been times in my life where my goal was to be skinny and have the “perfect” body.  And you know what?  I felt awful.  Yeah, I was skinny, but had low blood sugar, mood swings, and could get angry on command.  That is no way to live!  I feel better when I eat vitamin-rich food that helps and heals my body and keep it strong by exercising.  Being thin is a by-product of that.

A Smidge About Me…

I’m a wife and mother of two kiddos living in Texas.  I’ve been into health and beauty as long as I can remember.  You could say it’s in my DNA.  I was lucky enough to grow up with a mom who cooked wonderful healthy meals from scratch, a beautiful sister who has always been into finding the best beauty products and stylists out there.  And a brother and dad who have always exercised.  It’s in my blood!

I wouldn’t say I’m vain.  I go around without makeup and my hair pulled in a bun plenty of days.  But, I feel better when good foods are going in my belly and getting the sweat on whether it’s spin, barre or yoga.

I’m nearly 40.  Yikes!  So, I want to keep staying young as long as I can.  Emotionally and physically.


We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s hard to see the forest from the trees”.  That’s what traveling cures!  We get outside our comfort zones and see new cultures, experience new adventures and help us to live life to the fullest.  Otherwise, our lives are a small bubble that we see only from our own points of view.

I grew up in a small town in West Texas, but one thing my parents instilled in me was a love for experiencing new places.  It took me out of my little town in the desert and see that this world is fantastic.  It gave me an open mind and the ability to see things from all perspectives.  The smaller our world is around us, the smaller our minds will be.

On June 9, 2000, I was in Interlaken, Switzerland backpacking with my girlfriends.  I met a boy.

Then, I sky-dived.

But, the highlight of my day was this boy.  I went up to one of my girlfriends and said, “I just met the man I’m going to marry”.  And I did.  We’ve been married for 15 years now!

So, YES! You read that right.  I met my husband backpacking in Europe right after a sky-dive!

So, I hope I can inspire how to live a happier and healthier life easily!

–xo, Megan

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