What is Clean Eating?

March 5, 2017

What is Clean Eating

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Clean eating is really a very simple concept.  It’s basically eating foods in it’s purest form.  Minimally processed.

So, Twinkies, Hot-Pockets… you’re not in the club.  Anything that you pick up and the ingredients list has a long crazy list of things you can’t pronounce–don’t buy.

This includes foods that people have manipulated.   Animals injected with hormones or cows that eat corn (which a normal cow can’t do, but we’ve managed to genetically modify them so they can because it’s cheaper).  Steer clear. Pun intended.

But, really most of clean eating is about staying away from processed foods.

Clean Eating

I read years ago somewhere that we should eat foods found primarily in the perimeter of the grocery store.  Because it seems that over the years, the stuff in the middle has been growing, from stove-top stuffing to the Little Debbie aisle.  Some of these “foods” would last through the end of the world.  I hardly consider that edible.

We’ve been eating clean for a long time, it’s only the last few years that I realized there was a name to the way we eat.

So, most of the stuff in your fridge is okay, but you really need to watch out for the foods you keep in your pantry.  That’s why I came up with a list of foods to keep in your pantry that are healthy and clean.  There are more of course, but I only have so many hours in the day!

Plus, most of these are staples we actually keep in our pantry that are always coming in handy.

So, print this list and it will be super helpful next time you go to the store.



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