Why You Should Occasionally Go Out to Eat Alone

July 31, 2017

Why You Should Occasionally Go Out to Eat Alone

Why do people view eating alone in a restaurant as sad?  I’m not sure who those people are, but I’m assuming they’ve never tried it.  It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do especially when we travel.  This is why you should occasionally go out to eat alone.

why you should go out and eat alone

Many times my husband will have a work thing and if it’s somewhere cool I’ll tag along.  While he’s doing his thing during the day, I’ll just explore the city,  shop, walk and eat!  I don’t just grab something to go and eat by myself in the hotel room (to me that is sad).  I find an awesome place for lunch and get a table for one.

Normally, I don’t do this in my hometown.  That’s not really an experience.  But, when I leave home, it’s an absolute favorite.

why you should go out to eat alone

I’m not the only one.  My sister-in-law is a business traveler, so she eats in restaurants by herself a lot.  She loves it and considers it a way to unwind after a stressful day at work.

And it’s different than when you’re at home alone.  It’s freeing somehow.  You can eat where ever you want.

I started doing this in college.  I went to one of the biggest colleges in the country and knew absolutely no one!  I got a pot luck roommate my freshman year (who turned out to be awesome and became a great friend) and spent a lot of time alone, particularly in the beginning before I started making friends.  College was a great time to do this.  I would go to local restaurants and grab a booth and eat lunch by myself.

Coming from a small town where I knew everyone, this was a wonderful experience that helped me grow up.

At this age, I quickly noticed you have two groups of people with two very different views when they see someone eating alone.  You have the “Oh, I feel sorry for her” (tends to come from the more insecure people) and the “she’s awesome” (the more confident and thoughtful types).

But, as a grown-up with children I do it purposely.  Here are some great reasons to eat alone.

1. It clears your head

There’s so much noise in our lives, from overuse of phones and tablets to having the tv going all the time.  It’s refreshing to cut those binds and just take a breath.  No social media, no talk about who’s doing what.  It’s almost like meditation.

why you should go out to eat alone

2. When you spend time alone, you become more introspective, thoughtful and confident.

It takes confidence to eat alone.  Even if you feel you’re not a confident person…try it!  You’d be surprised how it will boost your this.

3. It’s a great recharge

This time to myself is imperative to being a better parent.  If we’re always surrounded by our kids, when do we get time to reset?

4.  It brings peace and quiet

This part is just nice!  My favorite actually.

5.  Lastly, eat great food

Seek out a wonderful lunch place.  I always sit down and order a fantastic glass of white wine and eat something great.  If there’s a restaurant in town you want to eat at, who says you have to find someone to eat with you.

why you should go out to eat alone


  • If you’re wondering what you actually do while you’re waiting for your food, you can bring a book!  Or the latest copy of the New York Times.
  • Relish this time.  Who cares what anyone around you thinks.
  • If you are worried, I bet most people would trade places with you, so they can get out of the awkward conversation they’re having at the moment.
  • Don’t worry about the wait staff.  They have solo diners all the time!
  • Don’t pick a 5 course dinner to eat alone, that’s a little too much.

Finally, I hope you can try eating alone next time you travel to a new place.  It’s more enjoyable than you think!



why you should occasionally go out to eat alone

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