How to pack like a pro

February 15, 2017

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I don’t think there’s such thing as professional packing. But, I know there’s suitcases out there that look like ticks about to pop.  You know who you are!  I can imagine those suitcases explode after being unzipped with a bunch of wrinkled clothes and spilled shampoo.

Stop it!

First of all, if you can, get a hardshell suitcase.  Those things are great.  They come in all price ranges.  We have Rimowas–they’re pricey but have a lifetime warranty.

The second thing you need to do is get lots of packing pouches or organizers.  You can separate your clothes so they aren’t swimming around in your suitcase getting wrinkled.

Remember that closet blog, I posted a few days ago? If you haven’t, check out the part about folding.  You’ll apply the same concept to your clothes when you pack.

Now, that you have all your supplies….and have somewhere to go…let’s get packin’.

First, pick out what you are wearing on the way.  From jewelry to shoes.  Hang it up.

Clothes to wear on the way

Now, you’re not rifling through your case tomorrow when you are getting dressed.

Then, think about how many days you’ll be gone.  Set out everything you want to wear and make sure they all mix and match so you can wear things more than once.  The key to packing is not over-packing!  For one thing, you’re stuck with more laundry when you get home.  So, here we’ll be on a 5 day trip, so I got out 3 pairs of pants and 4 shirts.  Also taking into consideration what I’m wearing on the way there.

Clothes laid out

I get out anything I need to wear underneath as well.  I cropped out the undees.  A little decency here!  All of my outfits are mix and match so I can get the best use of them.

Also, this happens to be a family ski trip, but a leisure trip for me.  I’m more about sitting in front of the fire with a glass of wine than getting carried down the hill by ski patrol.  So, I’m taking lots of casual comfy clothes.

Now, use that Konmari method of folding clothes and apply it.  Then file them into your pouch.  Like this…


Have a pouch to separate each time of day or activity. You can separate it out with pants in one, shirts in another, but I like to group my outfits together.

I also have a separate pouch that holds PJ’s and loungewear, and workout clothes (if applicable).

I put all my clothes on one side of my suitcase and then use the side with the wheels to put the odds and ends–shoes, curling iron, makeup and toiletries.  I keep them separated just in case I get a spilled bottle.

Another tip, when I take high heels or anything with leather that can be scratched, I always put them in bags and try to separate the high heels from each other so they don’t scuff each other.

Here’s what my case looks like all done.

I pack the kids up the same way!  It keeps their stuff organized and I don’t need to help them find anything!

These pouches can be handy if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t unpack your suitcase when you get where you are going.  If you do unpack when you get there, everything is organized and the whole process is much quicker.

I put socks and undees in side pockets.  The kids can always find their stuff.

The Carry-On Bag

Now, to the carry-on if you’re flying.

#1, I always carry with me any prescriptions.  That goes without saying!  I also, take a very thin nightshirt and an extra pair of undees—just in case we get the dreaded canceled flight.  I found myself without this after having to spend a night without my luggage and it was the worst!  You can get toiletries from your hotel, butcha can’t ask for clean underwear!

I also, take my phone, iPad for book reading and the Mophie.  Gosh with kids and their devices, that Mophie comes in handy.

Kleenex for the juicy sneezes from the kids, reading glasses, sunglasses, feminine stuff and tinted lip balm.

My favorite is my Barefoot Dreams cape.  It can serve as a blanket or cover me or the kids when we’re cold.

Put everything in bags and now you’re organized!

Now you’re all good!

How to pack a carry on tote

Happy Travels!

Pack like a pro



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